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2009 Exposition Member of the Year Award

Isabella WAI, CEM

Director, Convention Exhibits, Ontario Hospital Association

Isabella has contributed a significant amount of time to CAEM and has
gained tremendous respect from association members for her efforts.
Among her many accomplishments, she successfully launched the first
Webinar for CAEM and was instrumental in achieving record-breaking
attendance levels at educational sessions.

Introduction By Rena Menzies
(2005 Hall of Fame Award Recipient)

Isabella wholeheartedly believes in CAEM and its purpose. Since joining
CAEM in 2001, she has volunteered many hours and achieved great results
for us. Last year was no exception. She participated in many capacities
including: panelist in one of the 2008 Conference education sessions;
Co-Chair of the Education Committee; Committee Member of the Canadian
Event Audit Advisory Council; and Board Representative for the National
Meetings Industry Day. If that isn’t enough, she is currently serving as the
First Vice Chairman of the Board as well as a Co-Chair for this year’s
Conference in Deerhurst.

Isabella is very fortunate to enjoy the support of her employer, the Ontario
Hospital Association, who has witnessed her professional development
through CAEM involvement. They take great pride in her accomplishments
and are impressed by her dedication. Rightly so.

Isabella’s Acceptance Message

To start, I have to thank my boss and friend, Warren DiClemente. When I
initially entered this industry he suggested that I join CAEM, take the
courses to build my knowledge and join the committees. I did exactly that
and I’ve never looked back.

As a first-time attendee at the 2001 Conference, I received a warm
welcome by Anita Schachter who was the CAEM President at the time.
Anita, you should know what an extraordinary first impression and impact
your kindness made on me, making me want to be a part of the CAEM
family. You will always be my role model. In 2007, when I was nominated
as a Board Member, I was proud to have the privilege of working with you
and a group of dedicated, enthusiastic, passionate and professional
industry peers. We all share the same vision, we all want to provide better
services for our members and we all want our industry to flourish.
The Member of the Year award is a gift and an honour that I will treasure
forever. I love being involved in CAEM, and I am looking forward to many
more years to come. Thank you very much.

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