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Associate Hall of Fame Inductee

Deborah Dugan, CDE, CEM

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Conexsys Registration Ltd.

Deborah has dedicated a tremendous amount of her time and talent to the
association over the years. In particular, she was a key player in bringing
the CEM courses to Canada. Her efforts in helping to move the CAEM office
were commendable to say the least. And she is a constant proponent of
CAEM as she continues to sponsor new members.

Introduction By Jim Mahon, C.D.E., CEM
(2000 Hall of Fame Award Recipient)

For close to fifty years, I have been privileged to present a great number of
awards and many of them were on behalf of CAEM. This particular
presentation is truly a great honour for me because I have known and
worked with Deborah for many years and I genuinely respect her values.
When it comes to Boards and Committees, there are those that talk and
those that do. Deborah is definitely a doer. Within the past decade she has
actively served as a Board Member as well as Co-Chair of the Conference
Committee, the CEM courses and the Education Committee. She is a
shining example of what helps make an association like CAEM great. She
leads by example with her ongoing personal commitment, positive
attitude, hard work, professionalism, involvement and total dedication.
Deborah is a credit to our industry and to CAEM.

Deborah’s Acceptance Message
What an honour it is to be included with the prestigious Hall of Fame
group. Over my thirty-year career, being a part of CAEM has been the icing
on the cake for me.

While I have been involved in several committees to further the cause of
the association, it is the wonderful friends I’ve made along the way that
has really made the volunteer experience rewarding. I can’t begin to thank
all the people that I know and admire at CAEM, but I do have to extend a
special thanks to all my Co-Chairs over the years.

As a show manager turned supplier I have a great respect for both sides
of the business. Having fellow industry peers that you can depend on for
support is the key to a long and successful show career. Whether you are
new to this industry or a seasoned veteran, you need to reach out to your
suppliers or show managers – and there is no better way than by
attending CAEM educational events, the annual Conference and volunteering
on committees. And don’t forget that becoming certified as a
recognized professional with a CEM designation will not only help your
own career, but will also make our industry stronger.

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