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Exposition Hall of Fame Inductee

Carol Bell-LeNoury

General Manager, Environment and Events

Carol has been a remarkable advocate and ambassador of CAEM. She is always eager to see the association grow and develop and has tirelessly volunteered both her time and expertise to spread the CAEM message at
every possible opportunity.

Introduction By Donna Wood
(2004 Hall of Fame Award Recipient)

“Maven” is the word that comes to mind to best describe Carol. She fits the definition perfectly – someone who is vibrantly skilled and dazzles in any field. As a CAEM member for over twenty-four years, she has served
on multiple committees, has been on the Board for ten years and has served as our President back in 1994 – 1996.

But we didn’t come here to praise accomplishments. We came to honour the person behind the accomplishments. And I know something about the person because we shared parallel paths and often worked together over
the past twenty years. Carol is honest and says what needs to be said. She has remarkable resolve and integrity. She is a real trail-blazer and a leader. And, as a true maven, she does everything with style and flair.

Carol’s Acceptance Message

CAEM has provided the inspiration and opportunity to work with some of the best people in our industry, to contribute to the growth and professionalism that our industry can now boast and to personally
benefit from the relationships and experiences I have shared with the people that comprise our association.

I have enjoyed and welcomed the opportunities to serve our association on numerous committees. For the past twenty-four years CAEM has been as much a part of my life as producing shows themselves and for
the relationships and opportunities I have encountered, I am indeed grateful. As I look around the room, I won’t name lists of people I have worked with because there are five or six people at every table whom I
have had the privilege to cross paths with at one time or another. I am lucky to have worked with so many of you.

The benefits of actively participating in the association are numerous both personally and professionally. I would encourage everyone to either continue to work for the cause or start working to guide and direct our
industry to betterment. You won’t regret it for a minute. I am indeed honoured to be named among the best of our industry. It is a privilege to be regarded with such esteem. Thank you to everyone for bestowing this honour upon me.

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