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2010 Exposition Hall of Fame Inductee

Anita Schachter

Vice President, Canadian Gift Shows, GLM LLC, a dmg world media company

Introduction Speech by Rena Menzies

This is an exciting evening for me because I have been given the great honour of introducing a very special inductee. From initially joining CAEM, tonight’s Hall of Fame recipient brought their enthusiasm, wit, dedication, energy and their uncanny ability to motivate committee members to accomplish many tasks. All these personal assets were useful while participating on or chairing various committees over the past 13 years: Golf & Spa Committee, Education Committees, Gala Task Force, Awards Gala Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, and various Conference Committees. The list is long yet it does not truly reflect the personal sacrifices or huge contribution our inductee has given to CAEM. 
All of this talent did not go unnoticed; our inductee was recruited to sit on the Board of Directors in 1999 and served as a director, Vice President, President and Past President. During our recipient’s tenure, we lived through the effects of SARS and this person bravely faced the media as the voice of our industry, creating the framework for what is now our Communication Committee. In addition, a guiding hand was given for improvements to CAEM’s “Communique” newsletter and website. Also, the creation of the wonderful Awards evening we are enjoying tonight was spearheaded by our Hall of Famer.

This person is a fantastic Ambassador for CAEM, recruiting new members at every opportunity and stressing the importance of volunteering to become a true participant in the success of our Association.
A mentor, role model and inspiration to many, our recipient has a rare generosity of spirit. I’m sure many of you have experienced the always honest, forthright and moral strength of character this Exposition member possesses. One soon learns after meeting our inductee, if you do not want to hear the truth you should not ask our recipient the question!
I feel privileged to call our inductee a lifetime friend. It brings tears of happiness and appreciation that we are recognizing the leadership and contribution the Expo winner has given our industry. This year’s Hall of Fame inductee is Anita Schachter.

Anita's Acceptance Speech

Thank you my dear friend, Rena. My sincerest thanks to the Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors for thinking me worthy of this great honour!
Like all of you, I stumbled onto this gem of an industry and had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, I was introduced to CAEM, by Deborah Dugan, and with every education session I attended, I picked up ideas, was introduced to a new supplier, started to expand my understanding of this industry. The learning has continued over the years.   
I have changed employers and my employers have been purchased by other companies. I have worked for Kerrwil, Southex, dmg world media and soon CGTA. Many changes but the one constant has been my membership in CAEM. CAEM has helped me adapt to the changing landscape, has put me face to face with others who have experienced the same challenges. CAEM has made me feel connected to a community.
And what a community it is….. We may compete outside the walls of CAEM, some of us do consumer shows, some trade, some of us manage shows, some provide services to support the shows, some of us are veterans, some newcomers… CAEM is not about our differences but rather our common ground.   In the CAEM family, we are not competitors…we are allies together promoting the exposition industry. And if you are truly blessed, as I am, those allies become dear, dear friends.
To CAEM veterans, continue to be generous with your time, your wisdom, your spirit. There are so many great young members, encourage them, mentor them, help build the next generation of CAEM leaders.  To our newer, younger members, get involved, join a committee, volunteer your time, make your voice heard. You will not look back. It will be your wisest decision.
Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my employer, dmg world media. I have been blessed with some amazing bosses at dmg: Mary Cartan, Chris Gowe, Alan Steel, Dorothy Belshaw. I have the pleasure of working with a great team and I’m thrilled that one of them, Bianca Kennedy, is here with us tonight. I am also fortunate enough to work alongside generous, supportive suppliers, GES, Conexsys, Showtech, BBW, Lange, QuikX, YRC, Commerce and so many, many others. I always know they have my back and I’m thankful to all of you.
And finally to the two people I go home to every night…my daughter Jessica and my husband, Luciano.   I don’t always feel that I deserve your unconditional love and unwavering support but I’m eternally grateful for it.
I’ve participated in many committees, been involved in many initiatives but the one of which I am most proud is this one….the Awards Gala. Thank you all for supporting it tonight. Congratulations to all the winners this year. I am proud to stand among you.
Thank you all so very much.