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2011 Associate Hall of Fame Inductee

Sonia Moffatt, CEM, Assistant General Manager, Freeman

Introduction Speech by Deborah Dugan, C.D.E., CEM:

I am truly Thank you very much Rena. I’m truly honoured to have been asked to introduce to you this year’s Inductee to the Hall of Fame in the Associate Category.

Without question, this inductee has been a constant, reliable and valuable volunteer to CAEM since joining 18 years ago. This person has always been ready to contribute time, exceptional talent, and has been a professional at all times with a strong commitment to quality. Not only does this person roll up their sleeves and get involved with a variety of projects and programs, but this person is also an excellent mentor to new members sharing their wisdom and industry knowledge.

This inductee is both a dedicated and loyal member, volunteer and industry leader. This person is a senior manager, coping with the constant demands and challenges of employees, suppliers and clients, and still makes the time to go above and beyond whether serving on the Board, chairing numerous committees or being an active and supportive committee member.

This inductee has served on the Board of Directors for 4 years with 2 of those years on the Executive Committee; 2 years as Co-Chair, Communications Committee; another 2 years as Chair of the Associates Committee and 8 years on the Education Committee; for the past 4 years has been a strong member of the CAEM Professional Designation Committee; this person has spent many years on the Conference Committee as Conference Promo Co-Chair and also on the Promotions Committee, and most recently on the Membership Committee, and the past three years on the Awards Task Force & Committee. This person holds the CEM designation and in 2009 was named CAEM’s Associate Member of the Year.
This inductee has certainly demonstrated the selfless dedication of their time and provided tremendous leadership to CAEM over the past eighteen years and makes a great addition as an inductee joining the other honoured Hall of Fame winners of this prestigious Award in the Associate Member Category.
This year’s winner is Sonia Moffat, Assistant General Manager.

Acceptance Speech:

Thank you Deborah for that wonderful introduction!

Thank you CAEM, members of the Nominating Committee, and fellow guests!

I am very humbled and honoured by this Award. When I first joined CAEM over 20 years ago, I remember seeing the photos of the Hall of Fame winners, hanging at the International Centre, Hall 1offices and admiring the legacy of the members posted there, never imagining that one day I would have the privilege to receive it. As one of my colleagues told me the other day, I am part of the old guard now – newer members marvel that we have been working in this industry so long – just as I marveled many years ago.

My first committee with CAEM was the Education Committee, which I worked on for over 8 years. I was invited by Sheila Edmondson of the Canadian Toy Association to be her co-chair and I was thrilled to be involved. It was a great learning experience – having to come up with creative, topical subjects on a shoe string budget – something that has proved useful in many parts of my career!

I have truly always felt that I have received more from participating in CAEM than I may have given. I have met so many wonderful people, clients, fellow suppliers – many who have become close confidants and friends. In looking back over the years, I remember countless great committees, a lot of fun and sometimes a little stress and always the results and achievements of CAEM made the experiences fulfilling and valuable. I was asked the other day if I had ever not been on a committee and I could not remember a time when I have not been involved, which is a testament to the fact of how much I feel I have gained by participating.

Of course, none of my involvement with CAEM would have been possible without the support of Freeman. Barb and Freeman have always encouraged involvement in the association and they have known the importance of CAEM for our industry. I want to also thank my co-workers, Rob, Hope, Gerry, Dianne, Trish, Lisa, and Kelly who have always been there with ideas and creativity.

Last, but not least I need to thank my very patient family, who have sacrificed their time and needs so that I could pursue my career and be as involved as I have been with CAEM. My husband Bob, my daughter Rebecca and my mother are my biggest assets and I am truly blessed to have them and very fortunate that they have always encouraged me.

Thank you all very much!