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2014 Associate Hall of Fame Inductee

Arlene Campbell, General Manager, Direct Energy Centre & Allstream Centre at Exhibition Place

Introductory Speech by Jeff Gay

Ladies and gentleman and fellow honorees, it’s my pleasure this evening to introduce to you this year’s recipient of the Hall of Fame Award for Associate member category.

Our Honoree was born in Windsor Ontario, not that many years ago. This person went to at Western University and subsequently received a MBA from Rotman at U of T in 1984 and later a CA designation. I believe through humble beginnings and subsequent diligent education is where this individual’s strong ethics were developed. In 1983 this person married someone in this room, and has brought up two wonderful and accomplished sons. I know our honoree and spouse are very happy together traveling the world when not hard at work.

The award-winning candidate in this category is deeply involved in all areas of the Event Industry. This person is committed to CAEM and has been for many years along with other industry organizations such as Tourism Toronto, UFI and others.

This leader has supported CAEM in many ways through encouraging staff members and others in our industry to join our association and to actively participate as volunteers and to pursue the CEM designation.

This individual served as a CAEM Board member and on the Nominations Committee and the Finance Committee.

The person we are honouring tonight served on the CAEM Health & Safety Best Practices Task Force where this person was very supportive of the CAEM including being directly involved in pivotal Ministry of Labour meetings and committing funding that was integral to ensuring we would have the industry leading H&S education program that we have today.

As a strong believer in bettering our industry and all those in it, this person championed the Educational Executive Forums that have become an ongoing Fall series in the CAEM Educational Program.

Our honoree has spent more than 15 years contributing to the success of our association, always willing to assist where needed and making a difference that helped all of us be better at what we do.
She is a woman of honesty and integrity in all her business and personal relationships. While being an acknowledged industry leader, this person cares deeply about the events industry but more importantly about the people whom she works and does business with.

She has earned and richly deserves this award.

On a personal note I consider our honoree a mentor and confidant but most importantly a trusted friend that I feel honored to work with.

I could not be happier to introduce the 2014 Hall of Fame Award – Associate Member Category to: Arlene Campbell!

Acceptance Speech by Arlene Campbell

Thank you Jeff, for that great introduction, I am so honoured to be here this evening and truly touched to be receiving this award.

I have had the pleasure of knowing many of you through CAEM, and serving on committees or the Board with many of you. CAEM has grown as an association and it is due to the dedication and commitment of the numerous volunteers and industry members. I am proud of the work our association has done in many areas such as Health & Safety, education, including the CEM program, and the ongoing efforts to make sure that the value of our industry to the Canadian economy is recognized.

I have also had the pleasure of working with the Education Committee on launching and presenting the Executive Forum at the Allstream Centre. Most recently I am participating on the Best Practices Task force and I am truly enjoying the dialogue we are having. I am always impressed at how willing our members are to share their expertise to make us a stronger industry. As well, our members challenge each other to raise the bar as we work on new initiatives.

I have learned from many of you, and I thank you. If you haven’t had a chance to volunteer or be part of CAEM, I encourage you to do so. You will not regret it.

I want to thank my employer, The Board of Governors of Exhibition Place and in particular our CEO, Dianne Young who is with us tonight. The Board and Dianne have allowed me to participate and support CAEM. I am truly blessed to work with some of the leading event professionals in North America at Exhibition Place, and I want to thank, Jeff Gay, Ellen deBoer, Hardat Persaud, Jennifer Foster, and Debbie Sanderson, who are here with us tonight.

Finally, I want to thank my family who have lived with a person who is in the expositions and events industry. My husband, Allan who is my rock and my balance, he inspires me to be a better person and I am so lucky to be able to share my life’s adventure with him. To my sons John and David I am blessed to have you in my life, and thank you for being here.

Thank you to my nominators, members of the Nominating Committee and the Board for including me in the Hall of Fame, I am truly honoured.