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The Give Back Award recognizes a member organization who, not for financial reasons, has contributed to the enhancement of their community, with the past year.

Award Criteria:

  • Member organization of CAEM.
  • Organization must have been involved in at least one initiative contributing to the betterment of the community.
  • The initiative must involve an activity that is outside the realm of the organization's mandate or day to day business operations. As an example, if the organization volunteers at a food bank and the organization has no affiliation with food banks.
  • Organization must have invested in their communities and inspired others with their volunteer actions.
  • Community impact could be environmental/sustainable, charitable or societal but must be one that was not made for financial gain.
  • Could be Associate or Expo member organization.

2017, Enercare Centre and Beanfield Centre
2016, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

2015, The International Centre

2014, LANGE