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The Rising Star Award recognizes an individual, relatively new to the industry, who exceeded expectations by doing more than what was asked of them.

Award Criteria:

  • Member of CAEM for 1 to 3 years.
  • Outstanding volunteer contribution and "gone above and beyond" on at least one CAEM Committee.
  • 5 years or less of industry experience.
  • Can be Associate or Expo Member (either category of membership).
  • Cannot be a member of the CAEM Board of Directors.

2017, Lerna Gurunluoglu, CEM, Business Development Coordinator, Restaurants Canada
2016, Avery Levitt, CEM, Marketing and IT Manager, SX Marketing Inc.

2015, Kelly Antonaros, CEM, Manager of Operations - Zoomer Shows, Zoomer Media

2014, Kyle Dugan, CEM, Event Coordinator - CONEXSYS Registration Ltd.