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2014 Exposition Member of the Year Award

Laurie Paetz, Western Show Manager, Canadian National Sportsmen`s Shows

Introductory Speech by Gilbert Estephan:

The award for the Exposition Member of the Year is the most prestigious acknowledgment that our membership, bestows on one of its own. 

It recognizes and celebrates the overall outstanding achievements and contributions of an Exposition Member to the Association over the course of the past year.

Since joining CAEM in 2010, this individual has been an outstanding volunteer serving on a number of committees; including Education, Best Practices Task Force and most recently as part of the Membership Committee.  
It is her determination; her passion, her leadership and her assertive actions that have helped her shine this past year and to be recognized this evening.   Equally, it is through her collaborative partnerships and relationships, her enthusiasm and passion that has provided her the ability to rally other members within the industry to help launch the inaugural and successful networking events this past November – in a three-city Western Canada road show held in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver for colleagues to come out to networking events designed to showcase the benefits of CAEM to potential new members.
The success of these events contributed significantly to CAEM’s Strategic Plan and the Membership Committees tactical plan to build, foster and grow its membership beyond its Ontario borders.  
It is the exemplary efforts of individuals like her that continue to make our association a remarkable one.  

Please join me in recognizing, honoring and celebrating this year’s Exposition Member of the Year Award recipient, from the Canadian National Sportsmen Shows, Western Show Manager Laurie Paetz.
Acceptance Speech by Laurie Paetz:


I wish I could be there with you this evening; however as we all know this is Show Season!

I am recording this video from the Vancouver Motorcycle Show but tonight I am actually in Calgary for opening day of my Calgary Boat & Sportsmen’s Show.

The day Isabella called to say that I was receiving the Member of the Year award; I must say I was both overwhelmed and ecstatic!   

To be honoured for doing what I love to do, in an industry I am passionate about, by an association that I am proud to be a member of, is something I really can’t put into words. 

Thank you to those that nominated me, we have such an amazing pool of talent in our Canadian Association, I feel very fortunate to have been selected. 

I was excited when I was asked to be a part of the membership committee last fall.  I really want to thank the committee members and of course chairs; Gilbert and Nancy, because when it was first discussed about potentially hosting a western event….well let’s just say Mike, Orest and I jumped on the idea and ran with it!  But the three successful western events would not have been possible without the support of the Membership Committee, the CAEM Board of Directors, Serge, Michael, Christiane and of course all the sponsors in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.  

I want to thank everyone at Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows.  Walter, Peter, thank you for allowing me the time and resources to participate in CAEM and for encouraging your crazy western girl to take risks and to always “go for it” with my shows.
To Sherri Verdec for seeing me as Show Manager potential when she hired me 11 years ago and believing in me even after she asked what job I wanted and I said hers!

I have to thank my amazing team in Calgary: Pamela, Brittany and Serah who work tirelessly, always smiling and laughing through a very demanding compressed run of shows; 5 of some of Western Canada’s largest shows in 9 weeks, yes, coffee and chocolate are show office staples for us! 

Like many in our industry, the only way we get to see our loved ones during show season is to……hire them!  Over the last 11 years my family has been involved, making badges, working the show office, even being “moppers” for an indoor wakeboard feature!
Ian, Jen, Brittany, Darren and Ava – thank you for your love, support and understanding of my very non 9 to 5 career!

I hope to see all of you in my home province this June as our annual conference heads west to Edmonton! You can always count on me to continue to promote and expand CAEM membership in the west!

Thank you again for this incredible honour!

And like I said to Serge, the best way to describe how I am feeling is…..(squeal)!