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2014 Associate Member of the Year Award

Dion Burt, Vice President & General Manager, LANGE

Introductory Speech by Anita Schachter:

The 2014 Associate Member of the Year in the Associate Category is a workhorse.

When you have a job that needs doing, a committee that needs a little extra help, and no one is stepping forward, this member is often the person you call. The work ethic is legendary, the willingness to step up well documented.   Our winner will get the job done and he will do it well, without expectation of recognition. 

That is why receiving this award is such a surprise to him.

Our winner has been a member of CAEM since 2003 but it is due to his efforts and contributions during the past year for which we are recognizing him this evening.

After having served on several CAEM committees, including Sports Day and the Conference ,he stepped forward and assumed two more significant volunteer roles: that of Board Member and Conference Co-Chair.  Each is a formidable task in itself but to take on both tasks in less than a year, while completing his commitment to Sports Day, makes him an outstanding volunteer and very worthy candidate for Associate Member of the Year.

Please join me in congratulating the 2014 Associate Member of the Year, Dion Burt.

Acceptance Speech by Dion Burt:

Thank-you  Anita  for those kind words.

I would like to start by thanking the individuals who nominated me. My heart felt thank you also to the CAEM nominating committee and the  Board of Directors for this honour. 
I can’t dedicate the hours that I do to CAEM without the support of those around me, both at the office and at home.   

To my wife Antonella (who I am happy is able to join me tonight) and my family for putting up with the extracurricular activities that often cuts into family time.   Without your understanding and unconditional love and support, I would not be here on this stage.  
To the owners of Lange, Eric and Mary, for allowing me the time and the opportunity to grow and expand my role within CAEM.  

To my fellow Lange employees, some of who are here tonight, for all you do behind the scene  - I thank you for having my back. 

To all the countless CAEM members with whom I have had to pleasure to sit on various committees, sub committees, task force and conference, I am indebted to you. Regardless of the company names on our foreheads, I thank you for putting in 110% effort to keep elevating CAEM forward. To the CAEM staff a big thank’s for all that you do.  

I have been a member of this association for over 11 years.  I sat on the side lines for the first 4 years and I know realize that I should have gotten involved from the beginning.     
Finally, I would like to use an analogy for the gamblers in the room. For those of you members seasoned and new alike, I strongly advise you to not sit on the fence but put the effort into the CAEM slot machine as I can personally attest the payback  is far greater  what you put in.

It has been my pleasure to serve the CAEM and I look forward to a few more years as well.