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2015 Exposition Member of the Year Award

Karen Maki, CEM, Director of Expositions, Informa Canada

Introductory Speech by Tony Gallagher:

Good evening.

I am here tonight to present the Exposition Member of the Year award on behalf of our primary nominator and friend Kyle Dugan. Kyle is working out of town this week and certainly wishes he could be here to present this outstanding award of achievement.
The CAEM Exposition Member of the year award seeks to honor a CAEM member who, through tireless and selfless involvement with the association, has proven exceptional leadership and achievement.
Tireless and selfless involvement describes this year's nominee to a 'T'; forever on a mission to elevate CAEM as a whole, this member spent a great deal of the last year encouraging new and young members to get involved and participate in some of the great volunteer opportunities CAEM has to offer.
Always full of new and exciting ideas aimed at breaking the mold rather than working within it, our winner is a true demonstration of an innovator…constantly leading the way through unfamiliar territory and pushing our association to unleash everything it has to offer.
As if directing multiple large-scale expositions annually wasn't enough, our member of the year spends a great deal of her time volunteering with CAEM.
It was indeed a pleasure for me personally, to work with our nominee the past year serving together as co-chairs for the 2014 annual conference subcommittee in Edmonton.
Our nominee pushed to successfully rebrand the annual CAEM Supplier Summit to the CAEM Supplier EXPO, and further to that, was consistently driven and determined to enhance the conversation between associate and exposition members. (and if you had attended Monday night at the Cook County Saloon, you’ll know that she can also dominate a mechanical bull like she owns it…)
Her knowledge, experience and strong work ethic are formidable and completely apparent, but it is her positive energy, her laugh and her passion for the exposition industry that sets her apart from the rest and makes her a true inspiration to all of us.
Ladies and Gentleman it is my honor and pleasure to introduce to you the 2015 Exposition Member of The Year, your friend and mine…Ms. Karen Maki.

Acceptance Speech by Karen Maki:

I am honoured to have been nominated and thrilled to be receiving Exposition Management Member of the Year for 2015 - and recognize that I am in great company with those being honoured here tonight and in previous years!

My C A E M volunteer experience has been nothing short of remarkable! I have worked alongside or in tandem with outstanding individuals establishing friendships and industry contacts which have equally enriched my career and personal growth.
I look forward to continuing my support of C A E M as Co-Chair of the Supplier EXPO at the 2015 conference in June - which I encourage each of you to attend and look forward to choosing which C A E M hat I will be wearing in 2016 and beyond.
An association is as good as its membership and as such, I encourage those of you that are not members to consider the benefits. I would also encourage those of you that are not currently volunteering within C A E M to inquire how your expertise can be harnessed to benefit C A E M and enrich your career & personal growth.
In closing, a special thanks to my nominators for thinking of me for this award; the CAEM Board of Directors, Christiane, Serge & Michael – you are truly amazing at keeping us on track; my employer – Informa Canada and especially my VP George for supporting my involvement in CAEM; my handsome husband and date for this evening Gary who gives me the love, support and encouragement to take on more; and to fellow members past and present that I have worked alongside and learned from - I look forward to continued relationships and fostering new connections.
Enjoy the rest of the evening and continued success in 2015.
Thank you.