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2014 Give Back Award


Introductory Speech by Peter Lockhart:

The Give Back Award celebrates the achievements of a member organization who, not for financial reasons, has contributed to the enhancement of their community, within the past year. 

For the past sixteen years, the recipient has volunteered their services for the betterment of families in need of food over the holiday season. This involved dropping off bins to at least a dozen different offices, picking up the same bins, weighing their contents and delivering the collected food to the Daily Break Food Bank. 

On top of this, for the past several years, this recipient has been donating goods left over from various shows to local charities, including the food bank and Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. Every Christmas, for the past 15 years, this member organization’s employees donate toys for Tots raising funds and toys for children in need, and for over a decade they have sponsored child through world vision. 

This past year, they added Movember to their list of charitable initiatives, raising over $4,000 earning them a spot in the top 1200 across Canada.

This member organization fosters a culture where staff are encouraged to Give Back and help improve their community. They are a true testament to the spirit of Giving Back and a worthy candidate for this recognition.

Please join me in welcoming to the Stage Eric Lange from LANGE to the stage to receive this award recognizing LANGE and all of their Staff on this achievement!


Acceptance Speech by Eric Lange:

Wow, I am humbled by the fact that LANGE was nominated for this award.  I would like to thank those who nominated us, the CAEM Nomination committee and the CAEM Board of Directors for this award.   I would also like to thank the staff at LANGE who have coordinated and participated in these charitable programs.  It is through these combined and coordinated efforts that we have been able to achieve our charitable goals. 

The Give Back award is something that each one of our member companies should be striving to achieve, and I hope next year, based on what we do at LANGE in 2014 that we would be a candidate once again.  I truly believe what we are trying to do isn’t a one year effort, giving back to the community isn’t doing something special one time, it’s a program of repeating what we did last year and trying to add to it.  We have in the past year sponsored programs for the Toronto Food Bank, World Vision, Mississauga Community Living, Caledon Community Living, Movember, Big Brothers/Big Sisters plus many others. 

We have always tried to remember that we have been given an opportunity by many of you to provide services both for yourself and for your exhibitors, and when called upon we do our best to come up with services and/or donations that will make a real difference to the community that we are all a part of. 

Again, I am humbled and very honored to accept this award on behalf of all the staff at LANGE.