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Meet the CAEM 2015-2016 Board of Directors
CAEM’s Annual General Meeting took place in June in Ottawa-Gatineau during the Annual Conference. At this meeting, members ratified the slate of directors for 2015/2016. CAEM’s Communications Committee wants to share with all members some insight into the team that governs the organization on your behalf. 
Board members were asked to answer ‘Why did you join the CAEM Board of Directors? What do you and the Board hope to accomplish throughout the term?’
Jennifer Allaby, Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows, Mississauga, Ontario
“After attending my first CAEM Conference in 2000, I was impressed by the camaraderie and information sharing that CAEM provided.  Immediately following the conference I became a volunteer and the more I was involved, the more I wanted to be involved which led to my joining the Board in 2003.”
Gilles Bouchard, CEM, GES Global Experience Specialists, Mississauga, Ontario
“I joined the CAEM board to give back to an Association that has given me so much over the years.  In addition I also want to be part of the group of passionate industry professionals that are committed to making the Canadian exhibition industry better, stronger and more professional through education, governance and communication that the CAEM provides to its members.”
Dion Burt, LANGE, Mississauga, Ontario
“I joined the CAEM board of directors after a little prodding from some past and current board members. In the end I joined because I wanted to become a valued member of the association and help direct and lead it into the future. After 3 ½ years on the board the goal still remains the same  -  helping to make valuable input and change as the association moves forward. The bonus is the enhanced friendships and business relationships that have grown stronger within the industry.”
Dominique Gagnon, Centre de Foires de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec
“I did join the CAEM board because I felt welcome and I wanted Quebec to be present in the Canadian association. 
CAEM should be the meeting point for all the members, CAEM should help all members to learn how to work better together and assure the sustainability of our industry.”
Bev Hill, OnPeak|GES, Toronto, Ontario
“I didn’t have plans to join the Board of Directors, I was surprised and honoured to get the call from Lisa McDonald asking me to consider applying for the position. Even though I have been in the industry for a long time I haven’t had much exposure to the Canadian Tradeshow Market which is why I joined CAEM a few years ago and it has been great. I hope my “newness” and experience from other industry associations and markets will offer some new ideas to our membership.”
Caren Kelly, CEM, Western Retail Lumber Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba
“I joined the CAEM over 10 years ago and was asked to join the Board of Directors about 4 years ago.  Of course I said yes!  I wanted to be a voice from Western Canada.  My goal was to increase CAEM presence in the West –increase our membership in the west and bring more events to the west.  I believe this goal is being accomplished, with a great team of volunteer members working hard and going the extra mile.  I have really enjoyed being on the Board and part of a fantastic hard-working association.”
Bianca Kennedy, Power Sport Services, Montreal, Quebec
“When I was approached by the nominating committee a few years ago to sit on the CAEM Board of Directors, I really didn’t know what to expect from this role and responsibility.  Although I was a little unsure at first, I quickly realized that I was being given a unique opportunity to represent the views, needs and experiences of the next generation of event professionals that are influencing and shaping the future of our industry.  Now, a few months into my second 2-year term on the Board, I have a much clearer understanding of the need, importance and future of CAEM.  Over the next few years, as I continue to carve out where I can contribute and add the most value, I hope I can bring a fresh perspective to some of the different projects and opportunities on the horizon.”  
Sherry Kirkpatrick, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, Mississauga, Ontario
“Our organization had previously had two representatives on the board but did not then have someone active on the Board; it seemed like a rite of passage.  
I had thoroughly enjoyed all my CAEM experience to that point – attending events and getting to know other members, serving on various sub-committees, co-chairing a conference sub-committee.  It seemed like a natural progression and a way for me to give back.  Little did I know then that I would find myself serving as President!”  
Catherine Macnutt, Master Promotions Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia
“I joined the CAEM board to achieve a more meaningful connection with my industry peers and in turn, the industry itself.  I hope the board is able to increase our national profile as an industry and provide both education and resources for our members.” 
Heather MacRae, Landscape Ontario, Milton, Ontario
“I have joined the board of directors for CAEM because I have had the privilege of working within the industry for close to 20 years and through those years I have worked on both the consumer and trade shows - although the fundamentals are similar there are differences I feel as though I bring a good representation for both trade and consumer to the table.  Given that CAEM is a national board I joined because throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with other industry professionals across Canada, although I reside within Ontario I have always made a concise effort to connect with the other provinces - we can all learn from one another.”  
Lisa McDonald, Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, Toronto, Ontario
“As immediate past president this is my second year as chair of the nominating committee.  I am looking forward to continuing to build on our efforts with respect to succession planning.  I am honoured to be a part of this important process to ensure there is a depth of experience on the board coupled with new talent and fresh ideas.”  
Nancy Milani, CPM, CEM, Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, Thunder Bay, Ontario
“I joined the board to build relationships with peers in the industry and to become active in helping shape CAEM for the future through national membership growth, education, knowledge and promotion.  I am passionate about what I do and get much inspiration by the great group of people and ideas in our industry.”
John (Neo) Neofotistos R.I.B.O.,, Concord, Ontario
“I joined the CAEM board of directors to see if everything I have learned over my 30 years would help in any way. I have been a member of CAEM for about 30 years and just wanted to help. I also wanted to see if I could help grow our association by providing suggestions and new ideas that would increase our membership along with increase our attendance at our functions and our conference. I wanted to continue to learn more about our industry from all the different view points and experience the other board member would share with me. I am always interested to see how other services of our industry are run and the CAEM board touches many different services in our industry.”
Julie Pike, SME Canada, Markham, Ontario
“I rejoined the CAEM BOD because I believe in the value that CAEM efforts and activities have on its members.  As a Past President of CAEM, I am very passionate about our Association and believe that if you would like to see things change – be part of that change.  CAEM has always embraced my outspoken and challenging disposition as we have pushed our Association forward in an effort to respond to our member’s needs.  It’s a real pleasure to be part of the CAEM Leadership group once again and I look forward to helping play a role in continuing to evolve CAEM’s positive impact on helping our industry thrive and grow.”  
Mike Russell, CEM, the Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, Ontario
“I joined the CAEM board of directors as I felt it was the next logical step in the volunteer process: First volunteering to be on committees, and chairing committees. So the next step was to join the board of directors.  I really enjoy being a part of what makes the association tick as well as meeting and working with new members and those who have been member volunteers for a number of years.  The ability to network with so many wonderful people from all over the industry is priceless.”
Nick Samain, CEM, dmg events (Canada) inc., Calgary, Alberta
“As a member of the CAEM Board of Directors and co-chair of the Membership Committee, one exciting goal for me this year is increase and enhance communication and networking opportunities for all CAEM members regardless of their geography within the vast distances across Canada.  The more we communicate, the stronger our industry becomes as a whole through sharing best practices, making new business contacts and finding the right technology and processes that enhance our events on a day-to-day basis.  I feel the strategic vision we have in place as a board for 2015/2016 will deliver practical, effective and valuable improvements to our membership at large and ultimately improve the quality of the attendee experience.”   
Tim Stover, CAE, Power Sport Services, Markham, Ontario
“I’ve always made it a point to volunteer in the associations that touch the area of work I’m involved in. Whatever level you engage, or time you devote while volunteering you receive so much more in return working with other committed and skilled people to move an association forward. Your industry knowledge and perspective get a great boost.”
Just as our board reflects the great diversity of our National membership, so too do their responses reflect the many opportunities that are available to you when you get involved and volunteer with your Association. From networking and relationship building, to leadership and giving back, each board member finds their own unique value in being involved.
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