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2016 Industry Builder Hall of Fame Inductee

Alain K. Sutton, Eng. MBA
Chairman and CEO,
Congress Centres Inc.

Introductory Speech by Mike Lecour:

The CAEM Hall of Fame Industry Builder Award recognizes industry professionals whose outstanding achievements have furthered the professionalism of the exposition industry.   Tonight we are honouring a business leader whose personal ideology has been that “it’s not enough to do well, one must continually strive to reach above and beyond”. 
This person’s vision carries through not just in the bricks and mortar of an expansive
one million square foot privately owned and operated facilities but through the delivery and culture of unprecedented customer experiences and long-lasting relationships with customers.  
From the start this person provided industry events and corporations with an elevated option, continually raising the bar in terms of a distinguished and unrivalled customer experience through its superior high-quality brand.  The vision to create world-class facilities began by purchasing large parcels of land strategically located to address the needs of local and international clients. It wasn’t by fluke but by sheer determination, and precise vision.
In addition, with today’s heightened awareness of food safety this person successfully established a tight and stringent quality and safety control measures through HACCP – adopted by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.  The only venue in North America with the HACCP accreditation.
This person’s legacy for business excellence has been well established. With an Engineering degree and an MBA from McGill University this man is a marketing genius.  He was nominated for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year.  He also received the award of Business Person of the Year. 
Beyond that, our Award Winner plays a significant role in community projects, donating to hospitals, national foundations and many local charities.
It is my great pleasure and privilege to introduce you to and congratulate the CAEM Hall of Fame Industry Builder Award Winner for 2016 – Mr. Alain K. Sutton, Chairman and CEO, Congress Centres Inc.