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2017 Exposition Member of the Year 

Nancy Milani, CEM, CMP, Vice President, The Building Show and Exposition, Informa Canada

Introductory Speech by Tony Gallagher, CEM: 

The Expo Member of the Year’s commitment to CAEM runs deep.
Despite that for years she was not locally based, she made a financial, emotionally and professional investment in CAEM and she has remained a dedicated and loyal member.
This past year’s efforts reached new heights, as she co-chaired last year’s conference in PEI. Never an easy task, co-chairing a major initiative like the conference is further complicated if you are located outside the GTA.  If there were geographical challenges, they were not apparent. Working with her co-chair, she coordinating numerous sub-committees, motivated dozens of volunteers while helping create a program that garnered strong attendance and elicited overwhelmingly positive reviews.
She accomplished all this, while making a career change and moving to another city. 2016 proved to be very busy indeed for our candidate.

An advocate and instructor of the CEM program, chair of numerous committees, current board member, co-chair of last year’s conference in PEI, and now Expo Member of the Year  – Nancy Milani of Informa Canada.  

Acceptance Speech by Nancy Milani, CMP, CEM:

I joined CAEM in 2001 and for the first few years I attended the annual conferences.   I always felt like an outsider as I didn’t really do business with anyone in Toronto and only got to see those I had met once a year.
I believe that you get out of life what you put into and like any organization you have become involved in order to get the value and benefits from it; so I enrolled in the CEM program.
Along with the education and certification this offered me the opportunity to engage with other industry professionals more frequently as I had to fly to Toronto to take the courses.  As a result I opened up a whole new network of colleagues and met some of my closest friends here in the city.
The next logical step was to get involved as a volunteer so I joined the Membership Committee for a few years and then was asked to consider a Board position.  I questioned whether I would be of value to them since I lived so far away and wouldn’t be present in person for most meetings.  They assured me I could still contribute from afar so in 2012 I joined the board and have sat on it since. Again I met so many new people who are passionate and knowledgeable in our industry and it’s been wonderful to learn from them.
As part of my board duties last year I  had the opportunity  to co-chair the Conference Committee with Bev and work with the amazing CAEM admin team as well as so many talented volunteers on all the conference subcommittees.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience.
I have been very fortunate to have my former employer support all my efforts with CAEM for sixteen years and I feel equally blessed to have my new family at Informa believe in the value that CAEM brings to our employees.   I would be remiss not to thank both The Thunder Bay Chamber and Informa for their support of CAEM and to allow my involvement on the board, committees and the opportunity to be part of the CEM teaching faculty. I am so pleased to be able to share this evening with several members of our Informa team who are here tonight. 
My recent move back to Toronto was actually a direct result of a friend I met working on the Board of CAEM and I cannot thank Gilbert enough for introducing me to this dynamic group who I have the pleasure of working with daily.
I would also like to thank my daughter Darcel who is with me tonight.  You inspire me to be a better person and are my biggest supporter (even though I abandoned you a few months ago to make my move to Toronto) and I so look forward to you joining me here for good at the end of summer.
Vince, I am honoured you have joined us tonight as well.  Vince is a friend of mine from Thunder Bay who is in Toronto as he accepted two awards at a luncheon earlier today.  Vince you are the greatest humanitarian; your generosity of time and money to countless local and national organizations is second to none I and I’m truly blessed to have you as a friend.
My sincere thanks to Laurie Paetz who nominated me for this award. I am humbled as there are so many deserving people who contribute to the efforts of CAEM. It is my honour to accept this award and I look forward to continue to serve the organization. For those of you who are involved with CAEM it is a pleasure to work with you and for those are not currently  I encourage you to join one of the committees and become involved  in this great organization.
In closing, I truly believe CAEM has done much more for me then I have for them   Thank you!