CAEM is the national association for Canadian producers, venues and suppliers of commercial events – also referred to as trade shows, consumer shows and/or expositions.

The business events industry, including commercial events, directly employs 229,000 people across the country and contributes $33 billion in direct spending annually to local economies.  Expositions contribute to increased business development, support for the tourism and transport industries and drive research, innovation, and professional connections across countless industries.

The trade and consumer show industry has been one of the most impacted sectors during the pandemic. Unlike retail, gyms and restaurants, trade and consumer shows have not been permitted to re-open to any degree.  As a result CAEM has been working tirelessly on behalf our members to raise our industry's voice with government.

Under CAEM's leadership and strength, the industry has united like never before, and together we have made significant progress on several different fronts.  A review of our key actions and accomplishments can be found here .  To thoroughly explore the advocacy actions CAEM is undertaking please visit the Covid-19 resources section of our website as well as our newsletters.

CAEM's focus and priorities are clear and well defined:

  • Advocating federally, with public affairs firm Crestview Strategy for sector-specific funding and support measures
  • Illustrating that CAEM and its members are vital to economic recovery
  • Mobilizing an industry coalition of SMEs to amplify our industry's voice in Ottawa
  • Identifying influencers and decision-makers in government to champion our message and cause
  • Continuing to advocate provincially for the viable restart of trade and consumer shows
  • Working with strategic partners like TIAC, TIAO, MMBC and the Hardest Hit Coalition, to amplify and coordinate our messaging and ask
  • Acting as a central information hub for the trade and consumer show industry
  • Developing resources and tools to help members navigate restart and recovery
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer networking and learning opportunities
  • Equipping and empowering members through targeted education
  • Continuing to offer members access to professional courses leading to the CEM (Certified in Exhibition Management) Designation