CAEM Exposition Recovery Taskforce Update – May 14

May 14, 2020

CAEM’s newly formed Exposition Recovery Taskforce had a productive first meeting on Monday, May 11th, during which time we outlined the goals of the taskforce, and gained valuable input from industry leaders.

The taskforce covered the following topics during this initial meeting:

  • Role of Taskforce versus Role of CAEM’s AMC and Board of Directors
  • Taskforce Goals and Timelines
  • Review and discuss initial draft guidelines document
  • Discussion on health and safety consultant
  • Discussion on advocacy and lobbying approach for government

Click here, to see the infographic outlining the taskforce’s goals and our 4-phased approach.

Next steps for the taskforce include sending a registered letter to elected leaders, on a province-by-province basis, requesting a consultative process, to begin discussions on the responsible, safe and effective reopening of trade and consumer shows. Our intention is to finalize and send that letter next week.

CAEM is also researching an online advocacy platform that will enable our members, from coast-to-coast, to quickly and easily help communicate CAEM’s position and messaging to their political representatives. We believe the best way to accomplish our mission – to reopen trade and consumer exhibitions, safely, responsibly and as quickly as possible – requires us to speak together, with a united voice, for the benefit of all industry stakeholders. A coordinated, grassroots and collaborative approach is the best way forward. This online advocacy tool has the ability to help us work efficiently together, towards our common goal and outcome.

Once we have registered our request with each of the provincial governments, we will turn our focus and attention to continuing to develop a clear set of health and safety guidelines. An initial framework of these guidelines was presented and reviewed by the taskforce during our first meeting this past Monday. Some excellent feedback, suggestions and recommendations were provided, and the group is now working on a 2nd draft of these guidelines.

The taskforce is also discussing having a public health consultant assist in the production of the final guidelines. We believe this is an important and necessary step, in order to demonstrate credibility, due diligence and a responsible approach.

We also believe it is essential to work collaboratively, with Convention Centres of Canada, as well as facilities and venues from across the country, and with service suppliers to the industry, in the development of these guidelines, in order to ensure we present best practices that reflect a coordinated approach between all stakeholders.

And of course, we are continuing to communicate and work together with Meetings Mean Business Canada and Tourism Industry Association of Canada to identify the best channels for additional advocacy and lobbying efforts.

The next taskforce meeting will be scheduled for the week of May 18th. We will be discussing timelines, the best approach to advocacy, as well as fine-tuning our guidelines document.

We plan to provide you with another update from the taskforce group after next week’s meeting.


Bianca Kennedy and Catherine MacNutt (CAEM Exposition Recovery Taskforce Co-Chairs)