CEM Designation: Invest in Your Employees’ Development and Future

The pace of change is occurring at lightning speed and we are all looking for ways to keep our staff up-to-date.

As professionals in the meetings and trade-shows industries, we all have a personal obligation to maintain our education and keep up with industry trends so that we can make the right decisions and provide the best service possible for our company, clients, employers, members and attendees.

The CEM designation establishes a professional standard of knowledge within the industry and demonstrates a high level of experience, skill and practical knowledge.  It is recognized by other CEM’s and industry professionals as a commitment to the advancement of the profession.  Successful completion of the certification process conveys that the individual is committed, and goal-driven in the profession and demonstrates a standard of excellence within the industry. These qualities benefit not only the designation holder, but the companies, clients, members and attendees that they work with.

Both on the Exposition and Associate sides there is great support for use of the CEM as a training and learning tool. Check out the below testimonials to further support the value of the Certified in Exposition Management Designation:

“Freeman has a long-standing history of supporting and investing in CEM courses because we believe in the value that it brings to the exhibition industry.  The skills and knowledge gained from the CEM program well equip professionals to lead in our rapidly changing industry.  We encourage Freeman employees to earn their CEM for their own professional development, and to prepare them to better serve the needs of our customers.”

      –  Carrie Freeman Parsons, Vice-Chair, The Freeman Company

“An employee who is engaged and looking for growth is someone who will want to complete the CEM designation.  CEM is the ultimate barometer of employee engagement.  Someone who is truly interested in growing and understanding our event industry will tell you, “I want to do this”.”

      –  Michael Cronin, CEM, Vice President and General Manager, Ensemble IQ

“As an Event Director of Consumer Shows, being a member of the CAEM and working towards my CEM designation has given me accreditation to my sponsors and vendors. The network of resources in working with an organization with members specialized in the field of expositions has given me and my company an unlimited pool of knowledge in a niche industry.”

      –  Tina Plett, Founder, KW Expo Productions

We challenge all CAEM members to take their careers to the next level; there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!