CEM Testimonials

As an Event Director of Consumer Shows, being a member of the CAEM and working towards my CEM designation has given me accreditation to my sponsors and vendors. The network of resources in working with an organization with members specialized in the field of expositions has given me and my company an unlimited pool of knowledge in a niche industry.”

Tina Plett – Founder, KW Expo Productions

“The knowledge you can learn from your fellow “classmates” is unfathomably priceless. Also, the accumulated years of experience that coalesces in a CEM classroom would place one in the Triassic era.”

– CEM Student, November 2018

“I went through the CEM program as a show manager with many years of experience so for me it was about walking the talk and applying the standard theory. I have two of my staff doing this designation so I wanted to participate to ensure they bought into the program. I am excited with the fact that one is now a CEM and the other will be in the not too distant future. It will be part of my legacy to my organization.”

– CEM Student, June 2018

“The instructors approach in the CEM class is refreshing and all industry professionals should want to experience it! One of the best ways to grow professionally is continued education that can also include learning by discussing processes, errors and alternative methods with peers. Each time I complete a CEM course, I take away new ideas, techniques and perspectives. Always leaving inspired and driven to succeed. This is just the beginning of my CAEM journey and I am looking forward to the many opportunities this association has to offer.”

Mary-Catherine Buczkowicz, Restaurants Canada