Health and Safety Best Practice Guidelines for the Exposition Industry in Canada

The Canadian Association of Exposition Management (CAEM) has recognized the need to establish guidelines for best practice regarding health and safety for the Canadian Exposition Industry. The ultimate goal for Exposition Industry Stakeholders involved in this industry is to keep all shows safe, enjoyable and profitable to work in and visit.

In March of 2006 the CAEM established a Health and Safety Standards Task Force. The purpose of the task force was to work on the development of health and safety guidelines for the Canadian Exposition Industry. These guidelines would represent not only best practice, but also help to provide guidance to the industry for compliance to local health and safety legislation. The task force retained the services of Proactive Health and Safety Solutions Inc., in Ontario, Canada, to obtain the perspective of a health and safety professional and develop guidelines in collaboration with and for the

These guidelines also strive to introduce a level playing field for all those associated with the Exposition Industry in Canada and create a safety culture that will support the success of the industry. Some of the reasons for the importance of managing the health and safety aspects of this business include: the prevention of loss related to accidents, prevention of near-misses, prevent claims, fines, imprisonment and negative publicity for the industry. The CAEM recognizes that the hazards identified in this document represent the most common, but not the only hazards in the industry. These best practice guidelines will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.

The focus of these guidelines is to address health and safety hazards and risk during the move-in and move-out phases of a show. These phases involve the main Exposition Industry Stakeholders: Show Organizers, Contractors, Exhibitors, and Facilities.

The CAEM Board of Directors approved these guidelines in May 2007. It is recognized that these guidelines will be updated to reflect any new hazards, risks, ideas, practices, technology advancements and legislative changes.

The CAEM would like to thank all those involved in the development of these guidelines for demonstrating their leadership and commitment to the improvement of our industry.

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