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The Canadian Association of Exposition Management (CAEM) is the leading voice of the exposition and events industry. CAEM provides information, education, and face-to-face opportunities to build business relationships.

There are five CAEM membership categories to suit your needs:

  • Exposition Member – Individuals whose primary activity is the management, planning or production of expositions and events, or who acts in an exposition consultant capacity.
  • Associate Member– Individuals who provide or represent providers of products or services used by expositions and events in the normal course of business. Examples include venues/facilities, audio visual technology, transportation services, promotional products, and more.
  • Auxiliary Member – Individuals who have been members of CAEM but have been laid off or terminated in the past calendar year.
  • Retired Member– Individuals fully retired from the industry.
  • Student Member– Individuals registered full-time in a recognized educational institution.

2024 Annual Membership Dues

Exposition and Associate Initial Members – $575.00+applicable taxes

Exposition and Associate Additional Members – $275.00+applicable taxes

Auxiliary Members – $117.70+applicable taxes

Retired or Student Members – $70.00+applicable taxes

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2024 New Member Application

Please review the membership categories listed above and select the one that best describes your role within the industry.

  • Initial Members are the first member from a company.
  • Additional Members are from a company that already has an Initial Member.
  • Student Members is a person who is enrolled in a recognized educational institution or has graduated from such an institution in the past year and does not qualify for any other category of membership.

If you have any questions regarding the membership application process please contact the CAEM Office at [email protected] or by phone at 416.787.9377

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For Auxiliary and Retired Membership Applications,  please contact the CAEM Office [email protected] 416.787.9377