About London

Arriving early for the CAEM Conference?  There is lots to see and do and explore in this beautiful city.  Visit Tourism London to learn more.


About London
Set in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, London is the region’s economic, entertainment and cultural hub. With a population of more than 450,000, London is Canada’s 11th largest city and an ideal environment to work, play and live. Big enough for the ‘big city’ experience, but still far more affordable in comparison with many other Canadian cities, London boasts an extensive educational and healthcare community, while providing the safe and clean atmosphere of a small community.

Forest City
Affectionately known as the Forest City, London boasts more than 200 treed areas and public parks.  A vibrant, walkable and easy to navigate city centre is home to historic architecture, hip restaurants, unique attractions and world class venues framed by an extensive beautiful walking, running or biking pathways that runs along the Thames River. It’s a striking green-nature contrast to the innovative, economic and intellectual powerhouse of London.

Arts and Culture
From Museum London to the main stage of The Grand Theatre, the arts thrive in nearly every corner of the city. London put down its creative roots early, over the years nurturing a heart and soul that has produced some great Canadian talent in both the visual and performing arts. Revolutionary artists like Jack Chambers and Greg Curnoe; performers like actors Kate Nelligan, Ryan Gosling and Oscar-winning screenwriter and director Paul Haggis; dancer Evelyn Hart and musician Guy Lombardo. Today, a new generation of musicians, artists and entertainers of all sorts fuel the city’s tradition of artistic excellence. London is Canada’s first UNESCO City of Music.