CAEM Advocacy – Take Action Today!

May 26, 2020

The Canadian exhibition industry is facing it’s greatest challenge ever: the prolonged shut down of business activities in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the provinces start to phase in their plans to reopen, the Canadian Association of Exposition Management (CAEM) is asking for your help NOW, to amplify the industry’s message:  Exhibitions – with clear guidelines for strict physical distancing, increased cleaning & hygiene, and enhanced crowd control – can play a key part in restarting the economy safely.

Last Thursday, CAEM’s Exposition Recovery Taskforce sent a position letter to each of the Provincial Premiers, as well as the Ministers of Health, Economic Development, Finance and Tourism. You can view those letters HERE.

Now it’s your turn. Amplify CAEM’s message and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

Here are FOUR EASY actions to take IMMEDIATELY:

  1. Advocate individually to the member of provincial Parliament in the riding where you live. SUBMIT LETTER HERE

  2. Advocate individually to the member of provincial Parliament in the riding(s) where your show(s) are located. SUBMIT LETTER HERE

  3. Share this email with everyone in your professional network (employees, co-workers, colleagues and friends in the industry) and encourage them to participate.

  4. Share this link on all your social media channels and encourage everyone you know in the industry to join CAEM’s advocacy campaign.

IMPORTANT:This letter writing campaign is open to ALL individuals in the Canadian exposition industry, including both CAEM members and the industry at large. Whether you operate on the show management side of the business or you are a supplier to the industry, and whether you are a business owner or an individual employed in our industry, we encourage you to participate in this critical initiative.

QUEBEC UPDATE:For individuals who live or run shows in the Province of Quebec, we are working on rolling this campaign out in French as well, so you can advocate easily, in French, to the respective MPPs in Quebec.

If you have any questions about this advocacy campaign, please contact the CAEM office by phone at 416-787-9377 or by email at [email protected].