CAEM By-Law Changes

CAEM is purposing to add an Auxiliary Member as new class of CAEM Membership requiring a By‐Law change which would allow us to better serve the membership and industry.

Auxiliary Membership Policy

The CAEM By‐Laws now provide for the membership class of “Auxiliary Member”. This membership category is defined as former Exposition and Designated Associate Members who have been members of CAEM but are no longer employed in the industry but would like to remain involved in the association.

The Board of Directors approves the membership applications and determines policy on conditions and qualifications.

Members must re‐apply annually to be accepted in this membership category and the Board must approve all applications.

Auxiliary Members cannot hold office and cannot vote.

Auxiliary Members must have been an Exposition Member or an Associate Member

Designated Representative of CAEM in good standing within the past calendar year

To be eligible, members must have been laid off, furloughed or terminated within the past year.

This membership category is not available to members or potential members who are actively employed in the exposition and events industry.

Membership Committee to propose Auxiliary Member rate to the Board of Directors for approval. Once established the Auxiliary Member rate should be subject to the same rate of increase as the other membership categories.

Auxiliary Memberships will not be prorated. Members must pay the full fee regardless of the month they join.

Membership applications must be submitted on forms provided by CAEM. Potential
Auxiliary Members will contact the CAEM Office to request a form.

Auxiliary Members who have paid their membership dues for the current year may
attend any CAEM event at the member rate and
 may serve on Committees subject to the standard Board approval process.

Auxiliary Members will receive all member communications; have member access to the online directory and be listed in the online directory, unless otherwise requested.

Should an Auxiliary Member be re‐employed in the exhibitions and events industry, they must inform the CAEM office within 15 days of employment to convert their

Auxiliary Membership to the applicable Expo or Associate Membership category and the pay balance of membership dues owing for the fiscal year.

Proposed By‐Law changes and additions:

*Note: all changes/additions are indicated in bold below

Article 3
Membership Conditions – Subject to the Articles, there shall be the following classes of Members in the Corporation: Exposition Members, Associate Members, Retired Members, Honored Life Members, Student Members and
Auxiliary Members.

3.2 (f)

Auxiliary Member. An Auxiliary Member shall be a former Exposition Member or Associate Primary or Secondary Member Designated Representative who has been a member of CAEM, but is no longer employed in the expositions and events industry and would like to remain involved in the association. Auxiliary Members shall not be entitled to vote at any meetings and shall not have the right to hold a position as an officer or director of the Corporation.

Individuals must be approved by the Board of Directors and reapply annually to maintain this membership.

MOTION 1 – BE IT RESOLVED that the membership approve the addition of an auxiliary membership, as a new non-voting class of membership.

3.2 (a)
Exposition Members. An Exposition Member shall be an individual whose primary activity is the management, planning or production of expositions and events, or who acts in an exposition consultant capacity. An individual that is part of management or ownership of an organization that also supplies associate services shall be defaulted to Associate Member as outlined in 3.2(b).

As set out in the Articles and subject to the employment requirement set out below, Exposition Members shall have the right to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of Members. Each Exposition Member shall be entitled to one vote at such meetings.

Exposition Members shall be entitled to hold elective office.

An Exposition Member who becomes unemployed in an exposition management capacity may continue to hold Exposition membership, at no cost, until the earlier of (i) the end of the calendar year, and (ii) re‐employment in an exposition management capacity, but shall not, during that period of time, be entitled to vote or to hold a position as an officer or director of the Corporation.

MOTION 2 – BE IT RESOLVED that the membership approve the change to exposition membership, which will allow for members who become unemployed to remain active until the end of the calendar year.