CAEM Update – September 30




  • Now that the Federal Election is behind us and we know the Liberals are forming a minority government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau we will now turn our attention to ensuring our sector is included in the promised fixed cost relief program for hardest hit businesses.  To accomplish this we are working in concert with Crestview Strategy to update our briefing note, send it to all elected MPs, and request meetings to discuss.We are also continuing our work on the Steering Committee of the Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses and will be meeting with the group next week to discuss next steps to ensure the fixed cost relief program for the hardest hit sectors is at the top of the Liberal's new legislative agenda.



  • For the last several months CAEM has been actively participating in BC’s COVID-19 Industry Engagement Table, led by Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation.  In our update on September 16th we reported we were seeking clarification from the ministry regarding whether exhibitors would be required to show proof of vaccination during events or would it be attendees only.  We have now received a definitive response from the government regarding this question and it is as follows exhibitors are exempt from proof of vaccination as they are effectively employed to work at the event”.  It is important to note that individual businesses such as conference, convention and event venues may have a vaccine policy in place requiring all individuals to be vaccinated so please check with your respective venue to completely understand their requirements.


    Proof of vaccination information for businesses can be found here. 


  • Since our last update on September 16th, CAEM has been working with the Pandemic Response Secretariat from the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade to plead the case for increased capacity limits to the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH).  As a result we were very pleased on September 24 when the CMOH announced the increase in capacity limits for meeting and event spaces to 50% or 10,000 people, whichever is lower. 
  • Our second request of the Pandemic Response Secretariat was for clarity regarding whether exhibitors would be included or exempted from the proof of vaccination program.  We have received that clarity directly from the Pandemic Response Secretariat and it is as follows: With regards to CAEM's question whether exhibitors are exempt from Ontario’s proof of vaccination program, we have sought clarification from our colleagues at the Ministry of Health, and only patrons must be fully vaccinated.  Exhibitors are not considered patrons, thus not required to show proof of vaccination.   However, an employer may require the exhibitor be vaccinated under their respective workplace policy.  In addition, the specific venue could have a vaccine policy in place that requires all individuals are to be vaccinated, and/or the local Medical Officer of Health may impose a specific requirement for the region or business/venue.

    Once again, similar to the situation in BC described above, please ensure you consult and work with your respective venues to understand their specific proof of vaccination requirements.

    The proof of vaccine guidance for businesses has been updated and can be found here.
    You can also find government issued vaccine receipt posters here for your use.  

  • Earlier this week Minister MacLeod announced the Ontario Tourism Recovery Program.  While we welcome the fact convention and conference centers are eligible for this funding, we have heard from many of our show producer and supplier members that they are frustrated that once again they are not eligible for provincial funding.  We hear you and completely understand your frustration.  We have raised this issue with the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries as well as the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade and will keep you apprised of their response. 


 As one of CAEM's Signature Events, Power Education Day has become known as the event industry professionals depend on to experience targeted education and gain valuable, real-time insights.  In 2021, we will once again hold this event fully virtual to ensure our members and industry stakeholders across the country can participate and gather valuable knowledge from our panelists and speakers.

Learn more about the sessions and register here