CEM Certification Programme

The CEM Program is for Everyone – whether you are looking for industry-specific continuing education or are new to the event industry

Many of us are eager for continuing education but it may seem daunting to add another task to an already busy schedule. The CEM program is a perfect solution. It offers flexibility in how you attend courses, either in person or on-line, and can offer specific take-aways you can integrate in your day-to-day.

The CEM program offers a complete overview of all aspects of the event industry and what is needed to perform well in this arena. Attending CEM sessions gives you access to networking and knowledge opportunities from around the globe. The benefits from the CEM designation are life-long. Recertification of the CEM designation offers an opportunity to continue to learn and network throughout your career. Every three years the CEM recertification policy requires CEM’s to earn 15 credit hours. Credit hours may be earned through a combination of three categories. All credit hours may be applied from professional continuing education; a combination of professional continuing education and leadership activities; or entirely through formal education. The process to record your progress through recertification has never been easier. All CEMs can now record their recertification credit hours through the IAEE Member Dashboard.

We all know the benefits of continuing to learn and grow in both our careers and our personal lives. The CEM program is a perfect vehicle to gain knowledge to help in your career as well as an opportunity to make connections that can last a life time!

For more information on the CEM and recertification please visit the IAEE website.