CEM Certification Council Update

Update provided by Kyle Dugan, CEM

As the current chair of the CEM Certification Council, I am happy to provide a few updates regarding the Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) Learning Program to the CAEM Membership.

The current membership of the CEM Certification Council consists of:

Kyle Dugan, CEM, CONEXSYS Registration (Chair)
Sarah Borisko, CEM, Newcom Media
Michael Dargavel, CEM, Association and Events Management
Lerna G, CEM, Restaurants Canada
Sasha Stone, CEM, SME Canada
Jennifer Allaby, Executive Director (CAEM Office Liaison)

COVID-19 Update: CAEM and the CEM Council were required to cancel all in-person classes scheduled over the past year; however, thanks to the agreement setup with IAEE, we have been able to profit from revenue sharing for 15 online CEM course registrations. Even though we were unable to run any CEM courses, there were 3 new Canadian CEM Graduates in the past year, bringing the total number of CEM’s in Canada to 116.

Regarding deadlines for recertification and certification completion, Jennifer Potter with IAEE has confirmed CEM’s and CEM candidates can reach out to the IAEE office should they have any concerns with meeting their recertification and certification completion deadlines. These requests will be handled on a case by case basis due to COVID.

IAEE Update: CAEM has renewed its agreement with IAEE to offer CEM courses from July 1-December 31 to CAEM members at the discounted rate of $250.00 USD. This is for virtual and online courses only. Discount codes are required and can be requested from the CAEM office if you wish to sign up.

The IAEE team and CEM Commission have taken the “change challenge” and have been working diligently on making updates and changes within the CEM courses, as well as the creation of the new Digital Events Management CEM module. These changes will only catapult our industry to grow and thrive in the future!

There are Three Ways to Participate in CEM Courses:
Online CoursesOnline courses are facilitated through Elevate. Elevate is the system used to access all of the course content, receive assignments, take quizzes and participate in class discussions. There is not a live format included with these CEM courses. Students can log in to the course 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, as long as there is access to the Internet, but the courses are not self-paced. (CAEM member discount available)

*NEW* Virtual Courses – Virtual courses are one-day courses conducted through Zoom from 8:30am-4:30pm (CT). There are frequent breaks throughout the day and an hour for lunch. There is an optional study period from 3:00pm-3:30pm (CT) followed by an hour for the online exam. **Virtual Courses have been added to the schedule for October & November – All 14 courses will be available as virtual courses. (CAEM member discount available)

On-Location Courses – On-location courses are one-day face-to-face courses conducted from 8:30am-4:30pm. There is an hour for lunch and an optional study period from 3:00pm-3:30pm followed by an hour for the online exam. The first on-location courses are scheduled during CEM Week (August 9-13, 2021) in Palm Beach, FL. All classes will be held at Palm Beach County Convention Center.

CEM Council Activity: The council currently meets once every quarter, with meetings reduced due to COVID-19. We plan to continue to provide support to the CEM Learning Program, as well as fully promoting and encouraging exposition industry professionals to success through participation in these courses. As we patiently wait on further guidance from the industry and government, we look forward to the opportunity to offer in-person CEM classes when it is safe and responsible to do so. The council is currently reviewing the list of CEM’s up for renewal or looking to complete their certification to determine the appetite for in-person CEM course options in 2021. Stay tuned for exciting news and announcements!

In other news: A Canadian CEM Promotional Video was created and unveiled at the 2020 CAEM Awards of Excellence. The video can be seen on the IAEE website in the CEM global area. The CEM Council will be looking to update this content in the near future with an emphasis and focus on a return to face-to-face events.