Risk Management, Liability, and the Return to In-Person Events

The very nature of trade and consumer shows has meant that show organizers, suppliers and venues need to be skilled in risk management and mitigation, as well as have significant protection against potential liability.    Then, enter Covid-19 causing a world-wide pandemic that brought with it extensive restrictions including the complete shutdown of our industry.   With the vaccination rate increasing in Canada, the return to live events has begun at a varying pace across the country.   The reality is we continue to live with Covid-19 and its variant strains and as we begin planning and executing live events, we are hearing from CAEM members that they have many questions surrounding issues such as vaccine status and what can be asked and not asked.  Can events be restricted to vaccinated exhibitors and attendees only and what are the implications? What happens if someone contracts Covid-19 at your event? What steps should be taken to mitigate liability?
These are just a few of the questions being asked by members and we want to create a forum where these important questions can be asked and answered.

To this end, CAEM has assembled a panel of legal and event liability experts to share their insights and answer your questions regarding this rapidly developing and changing situation.   Once again, we are asking that you send us your questions in advance so we can address them and get the answers
you need to make decisions moving forward.

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Registration for this webinar has now closed.  Any questions should be directed to [email protected].