Send a Letter to Your MP with One Simple Click

CAEM's federal engagement strategy is proceeding according to plan.  A number of productive meetings with political advisors and MPs have already been held, and we are continuing to work actively on securing additional meetings.  The purpose of these meetings is to illustrate that the exposition sector is amongst the hardest-hit; to educate government about the scope of our industry including our economic impact; and to present our case for tailored support measures, as detailed in CAEM's Exposition Recovery Plan.

We are now at a critical juncture in this process whereby the more industry voices that are heard by the Federal Government the more our case will be strengthened, and the more likely we are to be successful.

Help CAEM amplify our message by using the tool below to send a letter of support to your MP.  Just fill in your address, name and email and press the “send letter” button to submit.

Should you succeed at securing a meeting with your MP, please reach out to the CAEM office at 416.787.9377 or [email protected] so we can ensure CAEM's President and/or Executive Director, along with a member from the Crestview Strategy team, can join you for this meeting.