CEM – Just the Facts Please!

By Michael Dargavel, CEM | Vice President, Association & Events Management

The Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) program has been a part of the CAEM landscape since 2006. That first year, CAEM offered courses in Attendance Marketing, Project Management, Selling Exhibit Space and Floor Plans & Layouts. Due to the enthusiasm and support from this first year, CAEM was able to negotiate six courses to be held in Canada for 2007. In 2016, ten years later, CAEM added two more CEM courses to round out the education at the newly launched Spring Summit in Canmore, Alberta.

The CEM program is firstly an educational program and secondly a certification program. The CEM designation is a globally recognized designation that demonstrates the highest professional standard throughout the exhibition and event management arena.

As industry trends continue to evolve and adapt so to must the CEM courses modules. New courses, source material, and class exercises continue to keep the content fresh and relevant for the more than 700 students currently enrolled in the CEM program worldwide.

There are three critical elements required to have a highly successful learning program; a current and relevant program; enthusiastic participants; and exceptional faculty. One of the more interesting facts is the growing number of talented faculty that contribute their time and talent to the CEM program. Several CAEM members have applied and been selected as faculty, most recently, Brad Styba, CEM of Tradex has been approved to be a CEM faculty member. Congratulations Brad!

There are 119 Canadians that hold the CEM designation and 133 CAEM members currently enrolled in the program. That is an astounding 38% of CAEM members who either currently hold, or will hold, their CEM designation!

These numbers only continue to grow as companies around the world realize the value of the CEM program brings to their organization and the industry. Check out the number of CEMs across the world below:

Belgium 1
Brazil 44
Canada 119
China 1,051
Germany 1
Hong Kong 1
India 97
Japan 1
Korea  93
Macau 1
Mexico 76
Netherlands 1
Portugal 16
Qatar 1
Singapore 85
South Africa 1
Spain 2
Tawain 173
Thailand 145
U.S. 1,043
TOTAL 2,952

For more information about the CEM program, visit our website or call the office 416-787-9377.